Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cubs, Like Us

(L2R: Alex, Yours Truly and Adam of ThisBoyElroy)
Alex and I spent all weekend lamenting having not gone to San Francisco for Folsom Weekend.

However, I knew I could count on the Monday morning update and digital picture gallery from one of my favorite bloggers, ThisBoyElroy, who now lives in San Francisco.

Sadly his blog post said this: "This weekend was our first Folsom Street fair. Loved it! This is definitely our favorite event of all the events we've been to in the city so far. Alas, we took no photos to document our good times."

In disbelief and disappointment I commented: "Wha-wha-what?! No pictures?! I waited all weekend for the Monday morning ThisBoyElroy perspective! Le' sigh. That's ok - I still love you. You had me at "bigmuscle party."

Then ThisBoyElroy responded, via personal email, something that I think only cubs, like us can truly appreciate: "Your head would have exploded Eric. The crowd was 95% 35+ muscle daddy fur ferociousness. I felt so young and so insignificant, a tiny meteor in a universe of Jupiters."

I melted.


Adam said...

Next year in San Francisco! I'll leave my door open and set out a spare piece of leather for you.

Anonymous said...

I got lost somewhere in the Nouveau-Bear paradigm. I eschewed the gym to be my natural self, and somewhere my label got switched from "cub" to "hairy chub."

The bear movement has chosen to cannibalize itself. Now the very trappings of the gay lifestyle they rejected are wholeheartedly embraced. Body dysmorphism with a goatee is the new bear of the new millenium.

Sorry, Eric, this didn't have anything to do with you or your post. I just had to get it off my chest.

mhutchin said...

You know I'm shy about taking photos, but I've learned that so many people are taking photos and video these days that it is seldom necessary. You might not find photos of your friends, but then again you might. Just search Flickr for "Folsom 2008", there are thousands of them.