Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The first drawing of blood
The unnamed, unsponsored group of 7 players that is the dodgeball team I am captain of suffered a crushing 5-1 defeat last night under the weight of the ex-sponsored Manhunt Team and Splash Bar.

This is a true upset for a team so heavily committed to organizing, communicating and executing. However, as Nina Garcia (Editor at Large for Elle Magazine) says, "We left something to be desired in the execution."

The Splash Team drowned us 3-0 with their slick dodges and muscle arms while we lost 2-1 to Ex-Manhunt because of a certain, stealthy female player.

Our team morale is still high above the water though. This was only the second out of ten weeks of playing so we shouldn't fall too far below our already 4th place standing.

And hey, my Flip Cup Team kicked ass anyway.

Mark, Bryan, Molly and Steve of The United Shipping Solution's Massive Delivery awaiting the whistle blow with hungry eyes.

Paul and The Boy Butter Fisters showing good sportsman ship after a win.

The Stonewall Riots
(best name in the league) bringing it in before a game.

Post Game Flip Cuppery (at Stonewall)

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Anonymous said...

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