Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 Trillion

Lindsay Utz, one of my nearest and dearest friends is Video Director over at GOOD Magazine and thought you all should see this piece on the Hidden Cost of the War in Iraq.

GOOD has a ton of these short little nifty videos. Check em out at: GOODMagazine Online.

Here's Lindsay Utz on Brian Lehrer live talking about Good Magazine, New Media and my/our generation.


Anonymous said...

Sad, no? We could have bribed Saddam for a fraction of the cost and still had enough leftover for universal healthcare and free college tuition for every American.

Anonymous said...

Do Americans have any fucking idea how much three trillion dollars even is? No, really. Haul out a calculator and do the math because, apparently, dividing three tril by three hundred mil requires a calculator these days.

That's ten thousand dollars. For every man, woman and child alive in America today. For the war alone. Not counting the Wall Street bailout and the various other total fuckups of BushCo.

And the race is so ridiculously close, why?