Thursday, September 11, 2008

The World Ends at Bedford Avenue

A lacerating expose on "Hipster."


Stephen J. Xanthos said...

Oh, that was goooood.

Anonymous said...

give me a fucking break. what values does "bear culture" stand for, besides surrounding yourself with other people you are attracted to who look and dress like you? what about the douchebag straight guys who hang out in the bars on 8th avenue or the flatiron after work, artless fucks who could give a damn about fashion or music--why can't they take some heat for their conformity and cultural emptiness? no, blame it all on the hipsters! have you been to a bar in chelsea or hell's kitchen lately, or spent a day in fire island? the entire gay scene is a warmed-over cliche, just as pretentious and fake and dead as the hipster scene. we are all self-obsessed, facebook status updating whores! it's not just hipsters killing the culture, it is the culture committing suicide via text message. some conservatives would call your lifestyle "the dead end of western civilization." why not just stop the judgment and let people live?