Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bulldog with Lipstick

...And what an ugly bitch she is.
Both Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani's mocked Barak Obama in last night's RNC speeches by saying he is nothing but a "community organizer" and the world needs somebody with more experience.

How did Sarah Palin get through the rehearsal of this speech without realizing how insulting this statement is to anyone who works in community organizing and public outreach? How dare she?

Please notice how the almost all white audience laughs and cheers after this statement. I found the whole speech disgusting and I'm not just saying that because I'm a liberal - I'm saying this because while she was governing the great (?) state of Alaska and while John McCain was relaxing in one of his 6 (?) giant houses, Barak Obama was busy overturning poverty stricken minority neighborhoods and doing something good for this country. I cannot fathom how these efforts are discredited and unappreciated. What a slimeball tactic.

Palin, Giulani and the rest of the cowboy hat wearing cronies are carefully villanizing the idea of community organizing because the last thing they want is for any individual to stand up and lead. What they want is a bunch of weak American citizens who do nothing for themselves and give all the power to those standing at the podium. That's just the control they're looking for.

Below is Giulani mocking "community organizing Obama" tune in around 5:45. Try not to puke. He also spoke in front of a World Trade Center absent backdrop of NYC. How classy, Rudy.

And just to remind everyone:


Rev. Ricky Hoyt said...

While Gov. Palin was "governing the great state of Alaska" (pop. 700,000) Obama was a United States Senator from Illinois (pop. 13 million). When Obama was working as a community organizer in Chicago (pop. 2.8 million), Sarah Palin was the head of the Wasilla PTA.

Scooter in Brooklyn said...

the rnc convention: Hatestock.

Sam J. Miller said...

this community organizer says thanks for the shout out

Anonymous said...



LP said...

Dude, I love your blog but you don't have to put us down ("the great (?) state of Alaska") because our pit bull of a Governor is an evil, lying bitch. We can't help the fact that legions of evangelical bigots (like Palin's family) have flooded into our state because they can't deal with the lower 48's "liberal attitudes" towards everything. Prior to their influx, most of us were just folks living on the frontier, marveling at how great our state is, or was.

Knucklecrack said...

I'm not putting down Alaska- I'm sure it IS a great state but the problems that exist there are not the problems that exist in inner city Chicago..

LP said...

Yeah, I know. We're all just a bit touchy since our nasty little secret hit the national scene.

Anonymous said...

The RNC was an upper-class white people's affair. Corporate lobbyists are their community activists. The election hinges on whether the media will stand up and expose the truth, or will they parrot the press releases. Because like it or not, many voters will absorb what they hear on the TV or during drive time radio.

Anonymous said...

Rudy's speech was a homerun, and Palin's just secured another Republican victory. Obama is over and out.

Allowing the toxic left to hijack the Democratic Party was *not* a good campaign strategy.

Sorry kids, but I am crossing over this time and voting for McCain. Why? Because the Democratic Party is now full of anti-Semites and race-baiters who think Muslim terrorists are freedom fighters and Americans are terrorists. Count me out of that crew.

And take pause to consider before you respond with insults that perhaps deriding those who disagree with you might not be a good campaign strategy either.

McCain 2008, Clinton 2012

Anonymous said...

Because the Democratic Party is now full of anti-Semites and race-baiters who think Muslim terrorists are freedom fighters and Americans are terrorists.


And if you disagree, it will only be worse for you?


Stop it, you're killing us. No, really, YOU'RE KILLING US.