Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh, Snap!

Rage, Cafferty, Rage!

Yeah and shut that pussy mouth of yours, Wolf.


Anonymous said...

mmmm pussy mouth

Glenn said...

Woo! GO Cafferty!

Wolf needs to stop making excuses for McCain/Palin. Seriously. STFU, Wolf!

Marker said...

". . . and shut that pussy mouth of yours, Wolf."


Marker said...


"It was not her best answer, I agree with you on that."

Wolf, STFU:

1.) It wasn't an answer.
2.) You're not agreeing with Cafferty - he didn't say that it, um, er, ah . . . "wasn't her best answer". He called it "one of the most pathetic pieces of tape I have ever seen for someone aspiring to one of the highest offices in this country." After which you, Wolf, you catatonic blob of nothingness, started to try to pipe in and "balance it out" with some mealy-mouthed bullshit about how she's "cramming a lot of information . . ." WTF?? What difference does that make?? That makes it OK? We need to cut her some slack because she has a lot of talking points to learn to regurgitate?

Having to listen to even a minute or two of Wolf, that pompous, vacuous Candy Crowley, or asshole McCain FanBoy John King when trapped in front of CNN in airports is pure torture - all three make me want to vomit.
[Campbell Brown, however, has committed a few acts of journalism in recent weeks.]