Monday, January 14, 2008

No Pants! Review

This Saturday Bossy and I attended the 7th Annual No Pants! Subway ride which,needless to say, was a pantless hoot! Prior to attending I simply thought the event was something where everyone gets on a train, disrobes and rides the subway pantless, getting off at whichever stop they please. I had no idea a real prank was involved! This of course, made it all that much better.

Around 900 people showed up at Centre Street in downtown Manhattan and awaited instruction. The leader of Improv Everywhere stood up with megaphone and broke us all into groups of three. From that point we were broken up into groups of nine and the number we were assigned was the train car number we were going to ride. It works like this: Bossy and I were assigned the number 5 on the R train uptown. That means we are to get on the 5th car of the R train and ride it to 59th. While the train is in motion one person disrobes and gets off at the first stop. At the second stop 2 people, and so on. Before the third stop Bossy and me needed to be in our underwear. Then at the third stop we get off the train and wait on the platform in our underwear, as if it's a regular day, nothing unusual for the next uptown R. If someone asks us what we're doing or why we don't have pants we're to answer to the effect of, "I'm sorry. What are you talking about?" By the time we're back on the train, those who were told to get off before us, are back on the train wearing their undies and we join them, not looking at eachother, reading books or staring out the window. As the train makes it way uptown we pick up more riders in their underwear while people around us wonder what the hell is going on. Others reacted in typical New York fashion by seeming as though they were completely unphased, unimpressed or otherwise completely disinterested. Go figure. Everyone assigned to the Uptown R transfered back downtown at 59th and Lex where we again rode the subway, now packed with underwear riders down to Union Square which marked the final stop in the prank.

Union Square was the meeting spot for both the 6 trains and NRQW trains. There were at least 500 people walking around Union Square station in their underwear, panties, boxers and long johns. Yes, there was sufficient eye candy. At Union Square people were snapping photos, shaking thier heads and just being really confused. As Bossy and I put our pants back on and resumed our normal NYC life we noticed people took the prank above and beyond, running around Union Square park in their underwear and dining at restaurants like Coffee Shop sans their pants.

Wonderful event. Lots of fun.


brother bear said...

Man you have a big, um, package. Plus I have those same shoes!

oxter said...

hehehe! That looks like fun. Nice legs, Eric!

Kristofer D. said...

Oh Eric
What a lovely package you have...I mean the face,the legs,the underwear ; the whole package.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love NY. You didn't do a more elaborate photo spread, did you? Just asking.

bstewart23 said...

You know, Mr. Leven, some of us cut our teeth, so to speak, on the men's underwear section of the Sears catalog, with dad types casually standing around in their Jockey shorts, reading a folded newspaper or gesturing with a coffee cup to a similarly white-briefs-clad gent.

You know what photos like your last one do to guys with that history, don't you?

And, for the record? In the photo attached to your too-kind post about me a few days ago? I'm not wearing any pants. Or anything else, for that matter.

David said...

It was nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Hot damn! You are way too hot.

Anonymous said...

Nice fuzzy legs. woo-woo!

Anonymous said...

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