Friday, January 11, 2008

Haikus by Hapi Phace

At the Rapture Cafe 1 year anniversary party I saw this guy by the name of Hapi Phace perform a set of haikus from a book he is working on entitled: "Mid-life Gay Crisis."

So silly!

Here's a sampling:

You think I don't know [5]
you are only fucking me [7]
for a place to sleep? [5]
Yes, the sex was great. [5]
But did you have to steal my [7]
damn i-pod charger? [5]
Why put up with you? [5]
None of my friends can stand you. [7]
Your erect penis. [5]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Eric, this sounds like a friend of mine in Marin, who goes over and over this road with his heart and his latest "love interest" complete with missing items. I sent it to him, as a matter of fact.
Beautiful, clean prose, I like the way he counted out the syllables for the reader. Or is Haiku considered prose? I don't know even though I taught it once many years ago, in L.A. as a matter of fact.
Thanks for this, you have a good eye.