Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Cloverfield Ad

I don't know how "new" this 30 second Cloverfield ad is but I caught it last night on TV. I am huge fan of zombie, horror and monster movies and this one produced by Lost creator JJ Abrams has received a lot of my attention.
If you're wondering what that killer track is they use behind the ad it's Surface of the Sun from the Sunshine soundtrack. Which is another movie I highly recommend.

Oh and just FYI to any producer or director making any films like this in the future or any dreary, depressing indie films- please consider me. It's with life long regret that I missed the boat to be in something like The Goonies or Larry Clark's Kids and Bully. OH! and I'll take any lead role in Holleran's Dancer from the Dance if/when that ever gets made. Thanks!


Jack in Sydney said...

Your video has been removed. (Great blog, by the way. Hi from Sydney!)

Anonymous said...

You've already been cast in the version of Dancer from the Dance playing in my head, Eric. And mentioning Sunshine and Bully in the same post? Hearting you hugely.

The Bum said...

Ha! And I'm just finishing up the RE trilogy on DVD at this very moment, although, thankfully, the latest has an alternate Spanish soundtrack so I can at least rationalize part of the evening as educational.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the Visual Effects Supervisor for Cloverfield is named Eric Leven. Weird.