Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In the Life TV Rocks another Doc

In The Life TV, a documentary film company committed to illuminating the gay experience, cranks out another riveting hour long doc entitled Wide Stance. Broken up into segments the appropriately named Wide Stance straddles everything from an interview with queer-based comedienne Margaret Cho to gay rappers to the always on-going subject of homosexuality and the bible, and with a historic background, delves into this year's hot topic of public sex and police entrapment as well as many other stories about the gay experience.
In particular, Scott Miller Communications Officer over at In The Life, has this to say about the public sex/entrapment segment,

...when people see it, it’ll get a lot of conversation going on a number of levels. On a broader one, it touches on issues around public-sex laws, systemic inconsistencies in how they’re enforced from state-to-state and among various groups, and how – depending on where in the country they are – what might be treated as a minor offense, can snowball into a felony.
Click here to view the Wide Stance trailer.
Click here to watch the educational and profound Public Sex/Entrapment segment.

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