Thursday, January 10, 2008

Midwest Teen Sex Show

The black space of American teenage sexual education may have met its biggest foe. Who needs to worry about what's being left out of text books when you have the Internet?

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Midwest Teen Sex Show, a website and episodic video blog dedicated to sex information and the discussion of teen sex.

Through a series of skits, ranging anywhere from "Female Masturbation," to "The First Time," to "Birth Control," to "Homosexuality," to yes, even "Backdoor Business" the Midwest Teen Sex Show discusses sex openly and honestly with no apologies. The skits are narrated by a courageous suburban mother of three who says she learned sex-ed the hard way -- when she got pregnant at 18 after a one-night-stand.

The mother of three says, "We're encouraging both boys and girls to be responsible for having safe sex. And we're also telling them that they don't necessarily have to have sex at all."

Great Work!

Why a show on teen sexuality?
Teens and sex. It happens. Not every teen is having sex and not every teen is abstaining. We hope the Midwest Teen Sex Show will create a space for frank discussion of all things related to teen sexuality. Broadcast media shies away from any real exploration of the topic, and they forget that not all teens live in Orange County. So subscribe on iTunes, Miro, or your favorite RSS reader, download our latest episode, tell your friends, and let’s get it on! (Midwest style).

Is this sex education?
Sort of–we like to call it sex information. We’ll leave the formal education to classrooms and textbooks. Midwest Teen Sex Show is here to provide sex information in a clear and entertaining way. We won’t pretend to be experts, but hopefully a few of our own embarrassing experiences and insights will keep you out of trouble.

Are you promoting teen sex?
No! We’re promoting a discussion of teen sex.

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