Monday, January 7, 2008

Dodgeball Reunion Party

Aside from scoring the title of "child most likely to be prescribed Ritalin" I've never really won 1st place in anything. That is until the Spread Eagles took the championship in the first official Big Apple Dodgeball league.

Last night our team sponsor, The Eagle, hosted the dodgeball reunion party where all teams were invited to gather around and receive their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals and find out who ranked as each team's Most Valuable Player. Appropriately our teammate, the hard-throwing, swift-dodging and sticky-finger catching, Koray Duman took that title.

Big Apple Dodgeball League organizer Mark Marracini made a heartfelt speech thanking everyone for being a part of his vision for a fun, friendly and community-based sports league. He received a loud round of applause before announcing his move to Los Angeles and his inevitable stepping down as league organizer (tear.) Fortunately, Mark had no trouble finding a fellow team player to replace him and ensured the continuation of dodgeball season 2.
As always, in the words of our team captain, Jason "Keep spreading!"

Spread Eagle MVP: Koray Duman

Spread Eagle Team Captain, Jason Saft
We couldn't have done it without Jew, Jason!

And of course, The first place team, the league champions- The one, the only - Team Spread Eagles.


oxter said...

That looks like fun - I wanna be on your dodgeball team! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hot team!