Thursday, January 3, 2008


Insert lame tourist photo here:
Me at the Bradenburg Gate
I was planning on blogging while I was in Berlin but the internet connection on my dinosaur laptop was acting screwy and frankly I spent so much time being out and about I really didn't have the time.

To sum up Berlin in one post or to detail my travels there seems like way too much of a daunting task to even attempt. The city, culture and people of Berlin deserve more than I can say in a post or journal entry so with that in mind I'll just throw in some pics and say that I had an incredible time in a city so centered around youth, age, wisdom, progressive thinking, life, social welfare, adventure, cafes, bars, nightclubs- all who tell the city when they feel like closing and not the other way around, a grieving of a dark history which has now forged a way into liberalism and the celebration of human life, diversity, tolerance, and throbbing all accepting sexuality.

Berlin is a place that I honestly feel is a city of the future. Crime is low, people are up, tolerance is normative, d
iversity unquestionably appreciated, public transit organized and life ultimately celebrated. I hope to visit again many times throughout my life.

The TV Tower in Mitte. One of the most re
cognizable city landmarks.

Hackescher Markt- The location in Mitte where we stayed.

One of many well organized, outstandingly clean, on time metro stations and the detailed and easy to navigate metro system

Anonymous faces cut from steel in the Memory Void of the Jewish Museum and 2,711 faceless, nameless tombs at the Holocaust Memorial (by the far the best, most personal Holocaust Museum I've ever been to.)

Remains of the Berlin Wall or what is now
the world's largest Open Gallery

Graffiti, trains and bar time antics (found all over the city)


Edd said...

Welcome back. Glad you had such a great trip. Oh, and Happy New Year!!

Sonder said...

I was in Berlin at the end of November, and couldn't agree more that it is a city of the future. If only my German was better, I would move there in the blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

Gut zu hoeren, dass meine alte Stadt Dir gefallen hat. Schade nur, dass es zu kalt war, um zahlreiche hemdlose Bilder aufzunehmen. Denn Du bist ja knackig!

oxter said...

Berlin needs a guy like you, Eric. You're welcome anytime.