Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shut Him Down: Rick Warren

I know this is easy for me to promote since I'm out of town, but much like my Larry Craig protest, I'd be up in Times Square as soon as possible protesting this fucking bigot and Obama allowing him to speak.

Put something together New York, now! Scream your heads off.

, I wish I were there!


rptrcub said...

[snark on] But, oh no, Eric! Obama still supports us! He's not going to have a faith-based administration! He's going to get some of our main points done! He disagrees with Warren on LGBT issues! But Warren is cool on poverty and HIV/AIDS! [/snark off]

Ryan Charisma said...

Obama picked him.

We've been shoved under the bus.

I'm so glad I voted.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to gay marriage Obama never lied to us.

And he has invited a gay friendly pastor also.

Joey7777 said...

Why would one be protesting in Times Square, over an event happening in D.C. ?!

mail said...

Obama is paying back everyone except gay people. Surprise surprise Dorothy. Our voices travel not too far with all this wind.

mail said...

I do agree with you that the stench is OUTFUCKINGRAGEOUS!!!!!

mail said...

Do you think he will wear a red ribbon for us? oh joy.

Joey7777 said...

An...uhh...effective "rage" (rolls eyes) protest against Warren would take place in D.C. at Inauguration time. Anything else is unimpressive. (