Sunday, December 21, 2008

Light Up the Night: Miami

I happen to be in Miami for work and I also happened to be in South Beach, right near the intersection of Washington and Lincoln, when I ran into the JoinTheImpact Light Up the Night Candle Light Vigil.

Rage on, Miami.


Cyrus said...

Join the Impact Miami was thrilled to meet you. Hope you're having a good time here...and yes, Miami will definitely rage on!

mail said...

the powers that be have no intention of enlightening people. Doing the right thing is laughable to the US government. We must stop asking for equality. Get out of the streets and into the courts. It is 2009 not 1967. If people are gonna be in the streets then at least be in front of the courts. If you think hanging out and shouting or meditating with candles in a gay ghetto is gonna get the attention of anyone but ourselves, i think you are mistaken. If this makes us feel good then great but i do not think it is going to accomplish what the words on the signs say. True i may be cynical and i do apologize but the street corner is no longer my scene.

RG said...

I'm not quite at jaded as Mail, but to some degree I agree. The only way the gay community is going to get equality is to TAKE IT. No more of this, "Please, please can't I have my constitutional rights?" FUCK THAT.

And puppy, you weren't around for the White Night Riots in SF. That city KNOWS not to fuck with us now.

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