Thursday, December 4, 2008


I've really got to hand it to this week's HX magazine for pumping out such a cute and creative who's who in current New York nightlife. The photos of the nightlifers really capture the essence of who these people are and it's nice to feel a sense of community in the out and about nightlife world.

My favorite picture has to be DJ Josh Sparber's and it's not just because he's a friend of mine and the fact that we went to summer camp together as kids (or that I saw him naked, at 9 years old, in the shower house) but more so because he's just so adorable, so nice, so smart and simply an all around wonderful guy, who without a doubt, knows how to spin a fantastic party. He would never consider himself an "otter" but he definitely has a good sense of humor about it. He's the one in the baseball cap and Nike tank.
The spread is well done. Fun and poppy. I've never invested much in the local gay rags other than what's going on but if they keep up a style like this I can see myself enjoying more issues.

Other friends and loved ones in the spread are Snaxx's Rich King and DJ Gustavo, Paul "Hey 5 dollas!" Short of The Spit parties, Tai Chi Alfonso and Duane Roggendorff of Mr. Black's Addict Parties, and the incredible edible, Mr. HX, Doug Repetti.

The full spread is on the HX Website


Ryan Charisma said...

Before anyone claims him, I'll take the beefy guy in the jockstrap thank you.

And I don't share!

David said...

I'm too old for the nightlife (actually, I was never part of it to begin with), but glad to see it's doing well.

Mike said...

Where are you in this fabulous spread? And I tried to enlarge the picture to READ the words, yeah, that's it.