Thursday, December 11, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Blog Addition

This weekend I learned to be more confident about making changes to my blog. Today I started by changing some fonts and adding some new photos and gadgets and what-nots.

I'm learning to be more aggressive with technology but it's a slow process. I'm pretty much like an 80 year old to an iphone. Slowly but surely I'll come along.

I changed my font today - let me know if you have trouble reading it. Also, I need to reach out and find a IT/Graphic Designer/Blog Professional because there are certain things I just don't know how to do.

Comment me up with thoughts n' suggestions. Kthanxbye!


Buffawhat said...

get out of my head!!!

i just posted the same exact thing about the same time as you!

Whenever you wanna move to wordpress, or even if you want some help with anything I'm here!

I make house calls too!

Knucklecrack said...


I'm learning that if I were to move myself over to wordpress or typepad - which I would love to do - I would risk losing my links and pics.

soooo like....?


Buffawhat said...

True, you could risk losing all that, but wordpress has a pretty ok import plugin that can do it all. and, there is a few things you can do on the blogger end to redirect all your traffic to the new site..

you called me "Buffy..." I feel all angsty now.. :-P

J. Clarence said...

You can try and import another blog template, from places like or something like that.

And whatever you want to add there is probably a widget you can import to blogger just as you can with wordpress.

You could try troubleshooting with the html code with a mock blog to get more comfortable with the process.

Hope it goes well.

Jimbo3DC said...

Are you really as furry as the guy in the clip art? Wuuuuuf...

Scott said...

Looks great!!!

Is WordPress really better than Blogger? How so? As I've just started my blog, it would be easiest to change now. Thanks for any information.

Keep up the great work!!!

David said...

I like the font.

I want to add the "follow this blog" option to my sidebar, but when I follow the directions that Blogger provides, it tells me to click on a tab that doesn't exist on my dashboard.


Xander said...

Love the way you've blended your pic with the title bar! How did you do that?

Blogger said...

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