Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dodgeball: The Champions Are...

In an incredibly bizarre twist of fate the 11th place team- that's right, 11th place team, The Masterbeat MasterBeatdowns, won every game and climbed the ladder of this week's championship games and came home in the number 1 spot!

The whole league was astonished that this rag-tag team who nobody took seriously was able to beat The Logo - DownLogos, The Stonewall Riots, The United Shipping's Massive Delivery and one of the most powerful teams, The Henrietta Hussies and took home the BigAppleDodgeball Season 3 trophy. It was a true almost-Christmas miracle! The sounds and cheers and screams rattled the walls of the Tony Dapilito Rec center.

The Splash Bar- Splasholes won the season however as they have the best ranking and games won over any other team. However, it all comes down to the play-offs and the winning team of that night which they, sadly, were not. They played one hell of a season though.

My team, David Barton's Bad News was just that - bad news. We lost our first two rounds in our playoff game disqualifying us from continuing on. That's alright. I love my team and wouldn't trade them in for anything! It was an awesome season and I'm ready for Spring as Big Apple Dodgeball revs up for season 4!
Big Apple Dodgeball League Season 3
(when everyone got together I mentioned how all the colors made us look like a rainbow!!)

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RG said...

Who is the hottie sitting on the floor right with the red-sleeveless T, in front with the bad make-up? :)

Sorry your team bit the dust. Glad you had a great time though. Dodgeball season is so short!