Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to the Gayborhood

I probably would have posted this sooner if I didn't still have AOL mail and its wonky and peculiar spam filter. Stupid AOL. Stupid Emails. (I know, I know, ok? I plan to do the Gmail conversion as soon as I can figure out how to get all my email contacts over to Gmail without losing any... Pointers?)

With that said: Welcome to the Gayborhood!

Gayborhood.tv is a new web-based media platform that is all LGBT all the time. From webisodes, to comedy, to man-on-the-street interviews to documentary, Gayborhood.tv is filled with all the Queer material mainstream media would never allow us.

I wasn't asked to pimp gayborhood.tv but after seeing their man-on-the-street interviews called "The Box" which comes with the tagline of: "Get on THE BOX and SPEAK YOUR MIND! Our cameras go to LGBT festivals, events, and hot spots around the country providing a "soapbox" for anyone and everyone to talk about what's on their minds," how could I resist?!

here's a bit from the Gayborhood itself:

At Gayborhood.tv we see no reason why LGBT programming should be limited to what comes out of our TV sets. So we got together and created a place where people can watch shows about life in our communities — shows that are reflections of ourselves — on a website that highlights each and every colorful shade of our diverse rainbow. The people who work here are our LGBT brothers and sisters, our straight allies, and just darn good friends. They’re always busy creating super fun original web series that everyone can enjoy.

But wait there’s more! Part of the site — called LGBTube — has been set aside for user–generated content. Gayborhood users can upload, view, share and post their own video clips — because at Gayborhood.tv it's all about new ideas, new perspectives, and new information.
Ok, so I know that write up above sounds a little "gay" but seriously watch the link below. It's quite compelling.
Link to gayborhood.tv's the box

Anybody over there want to hire me for some field producing? No, really- I'm serious.


ruraljuror said...

Quite a swimsuit on Mr. Steven Hunter from NYC there. Doesn't leave much to the imagination, eh?

SubtleKnife said...

I don't know anything about AOL mail. Do you know if you can download all your contacts in one file? Gmail says:

"We support importing contacts in the CSV file format (Comma Separated Values). For best results, please use a CSV file produced by Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo!, or Hotmail. For Apple Address Book, there is a useful utility called "A to G"."

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Thanks for telling me about this, Eric. In that episode of "On the box" you linked, I was surprised to see the delightful John Bonelli. He was once my altar boy (maaaany years ago). He lives in NYC now and is someone you ought to get to know, if you don't already.

Brad said...

Great site. Thanks for pointing it out. They should hire you. I wouldn't have known about them had I not read about it in your blog :)

David Daigle said...

get a mac email address!!!