Friday, June 13, 2008

Presidential Condoms

Yeah, for reals.

AM New York is reporting:

A young New York City entrepreneur has decided to "have fun" with the campaign by marketing condoms featuring images of Barack Obama and John McCain.

Benjamin Sherman, who created the company Practice Safe Policy, says the Obama condom carries the slogan "Use With Good Judgment." The McCain version says "OLD BUT Not Expired."

According to the Web site, McCain condoms "are battle tested, strong and durable, for those occasions when you just need to switch your position!"

While the company can't guarantee the condoms are 100 percent effective, it says it's certain "that without wearing one, there's likely to be an Obama-Mama in your future."
I'm totally getting some and then hopefully "getting some," if you know what I mean...(elbow nudge, elbow nudge)

Go to and to pick some up. The sites are pretty funny- probably funnier than the idea that 72 year old John McCain is still having sex.
Ugh. He's so Del Ray Beach men's locker room. You know the type- they're in their 70's and walk around the locker room naked like they own the place and their balls are all dangly and hang to the side...(shudders)


Anonymous said...

You're adorabear.

RG said...

You know, I can help you out testing those condoms. Of course, I'd have to take the train down from Boston, but it would be worth it - for me anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Eric, Eric, Eric, you too will be in your 70's (although not soon.) You will want to walk around the locker room without fear of ridicule or scorn. Enjoy your lovely body now, because no matter how hard you try, it will eventually make even you shudder.

kristy said...

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VeronicaCole said...

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