Saturday, June 28, 2008

Countdown to Pride: We Love Our Lesbian Sisters

I joined Randee Riot and her kittens at the Dyke March today. I made a sign before going out that stated simply: "We Love Our Lesbian Sisters."

The march was fantastic and the rally before, electric. It rained briefly but the dykes toughed it out, of course, and marched on.

Many of the dykes shook my hand or snapped photos and replied to my sign with a warm smile and a "Hey, we love you too brother. Thanks for being here!"

No, thank YOU, queer and lesbian women...
We are all ONE family-
Happy Pride!

(L2R) Brooklyn, Riot, Spinner's Girlfriend, Spinner

Bryant Park Dyke Swarm

Other gay boys showing some love

Riot's Famous "Three Fingers Please" Dyke March Tee

Spinner and Girlfriend loving-out


k.d. f/x said...

Good for you Eric.
I have nothing but love for my many dyke friends.
My pal Sapho [The Queer LadyJ] - always says ; "We might not eat the same thing on the menu but dammit we should all eat at the same table..."

We are family indeed.

Hugs babe

Bret said...

I love Riot and her carpet cleaning crew.

However, it doesn't matter how many Dykes are marching there is no excuse for wearing that shirt. No, the sleeveless effect doesn't count.

hey girl. hey!

Balls 4 life

Riot said...

We Love Our Bear Brothers!! (and cousins)

Anonymous said...

i love gay boys and our lesbian sisters , you rule, be happy, enjoy life

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