Monday, June 9, 2008

NewFest: Sucker

Sucker, a short story which evolved into Wayne Hoffman's debut novel Hard, has been adapted into a short film entitled, Sucker.

“Sucker” has now been adapted into a short film, and is having its NYC premiere at the New Festival in June, as part of a program of sexy short films called “Sweat.” It shows twice: on Monday, June 9 (@ 8:15) and Saturday, June 14 (@ 1:30), at the Loews Cinema on West 34th Street. If you’re there on June 9, you’ll see Wayne in the audience.

To see what else is on the program, or to order advance tickets ($13), go to
, then click on “Film Guide/Schedule” and look under “S” for “Sucker.”
To read about the film – and see a trailer, and check out early reviews and interviews with the filmmaker – go here:


Mike said...

Sounds like someday they'll be filming Malcolm Boyd anthologies.

David said...

Holy last minute notice, Batman.

I might be able to catch it on Saturday. Might.