Thursday, August 16, 2007

Randee Riot

...Often billed as the Paris Hilton of the East Village Lesbian punk rock scene Randee Riot is my first Cousin and female best friend. Standing at maybe 5 feet and weighing in at 95 pounds Randee comes complete with sass, attitude, a fierce fashion sense and grass roots activist mind. Randee is one tough (and outrageously hot- I mean model hot) cookie! Always up for a night out or a day spent exploring the city, either on foot or via her longboard Randee is the closest thing I've ever had to a heartfelt, true girlfriend. Unfortunately, she's my first cousin and us both being on the queer side of fence doesn't make matters any better. Sometimes, in our most drunken and wild moments, we often have to prevent ourselves from kissing. Ok, that might be a little too much information but this my blog and dammit I'm going to speak the truth! We are inseparable. My roommate, Eric, once said in a bizarre statement of utter truth that I'm gay and in love with my lesbian first cousin. Oye!

Randee and I fastened a relationship during childhood when her father directed home movies of which we shared staring roles. There was "Indian Jones and the Temple of Beth Israel" as well as "Beetle juice" and the unforgettable "Lean on Me" staring me as Principle Joe Clark. I suppose you kind of had to be there. In any case, our relationship separated when we entered high school but rebounded at my oldest sister's wedding when we both came out to one another. We were both in college at the time. She was impressed by the fact that I knew all the Bikini Kill lyrics (of every album) and she liked me for being her bearded gay cuz. Since then, every time I visited New York Randee's apartment on 10th St. and 1st Ave. would become "Hotel Randee" and we became fast and crazy pals, rekindling everything- the silliness, inappropriateness, and high-energy level- we shared as children. I moved only a block and a half from her and I can't say I've found a love greater than her since. She's amazing and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I love her with all my heart and actively carve out time in my week to spend time with her to catch up and cuddle. In short, she's the fiercest bitch I've ever known. She was gone this past week having traveled to the Michigan Womyn's Festival to celebrate her Sapphic lifestyle and spend time with her sisters. She called me upon her immediate arrival back in NYC. Holla, bitch. Holl-A!

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trapeze swinger said...

does randee riot see that the birds are dancing here, and also dancing over there?