Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let us Throw Eggs!

Idaho Republican Senator, Larry Craig

What really steams me about this whole Larry Craig issue is that nobody seems to realize that it is not gay men who commit these crimes of public lewdness and reckless behavior, it is, in fact,"straight" individuals so consumed by the very lives they are trying to repress, they do the very thing they speak against.
Every time a scandal like this pops, (4 within the 2006-2007 year alone) the gay community gets slapped with a sneak-attack backhand of homophobia. There seems to be an idea, deep rooted within American culture, that gay men come pre-programmed with a creepy innate sense to prey upon unsuspecting straight people. That still in 2007, gays lurk in dark corners, salivating through sharp teeth and ready to pounce on the poor, unsuspecting white American family man. This is not the case. But unfortunately, when
an event like this occurs, it is gay men who get tainted with this picture at the fault of the very man condemning the actions himself.
Larry Craig, may or may not be gay, but we're sure of one thing- he likes cock. As does Anti- Child pornography Republican Mark Foley (he likes 16 year old cock,) and Republican Florida House Rep Bob Allen (he likes black cock), and Christian Mega-Evangelical leader Ted Haggard (he likes cock and crystal meth!) Does anybody not see a pattern here? Is this not obvious to anyone?
These acts are
not being committed by gay people! They are being committed by people so repressed about an aspect of themselves, they spend entire lifetimes speaking out against the very thing they desire. Mark Foley, so scared that he might be a pedophile, built a shell around himself of anti-child exploitation and activism so he and nobody else could expect him of being the very thing he was afraid of. Ted Haggard, a Christian leader of thousands preached against homosexuality and taught morals to his congregation to only go behind their back and hire a gay huslter to use crystal meth with and have sex.
The homophobia comes next. It's not the act or crime that becomes the main issue it's the outright denial that these man could possibly, for one instant, have desired another man's body. That there is no way they might possibly be, even a little bit, the tiniest bit, gay. No, it becomes excuses of racism (Allen,) alcoholism (Foley,) tempted by the devil (Haggard.) And nobody
seems to mind this. Nobody even bothers to discuss that these men might be repressed homosexuals, because alcoholism, racism, and just being plan old crazy is more easily excused than the idea of just being gay. It's as if being an alcoholic or an accidental racist, or meth user is somehow better than being gay.
Take Ted Haggard for instance. Throughout the years Haggard gained tremendous love and support from thousands of people to whom he preached. He made incredible impressions o
n people, motivated them, gave them inspiration, something to live for, taught they were all equal and be kind to one another. His congregation grew to masses, then filled stadiums. Then his scandal falls and all of these people who grew to love him and were taught not to judge and to accept that "we are all sinners," deserted him in an instant. Nobody came to his defense. Nobody said, "Ted said we are all sinners and I accept him as one too." What happened to all the teachings, the impressions, the "we're all sinners?" Yeah, he could have gained that back if he cheated on his wife or was involved in a pit-bull gambling circuit, but no, since he's gay- he's done. There are sinners and then there are fags. It's as if the pre-gay Ted Haggard never existed, as if every service he held in the past suddenly became, muted.
It is the gay community, suffering yet again, from these political fallouts. We, the ones who
live as our true selves, mind our business, live in reality are the one's getting punished from the behavior of these sad, pathetic, self-loathing men. These men and scandals that are all coming to a head are a product of a repressed and backwards society.
While these men go to "rehab" for their problems or pay worthless bureaucratic fines with their white-collar money it is our names and lifestyles that get dragged through the dirt.
Instead of paying fines, or going to rehab, or getting exiled from the Church I would much rather
have these men stand in the middle of Union Square and have the public throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at them. They can handle it. God knows, it's what they've been doing to themselves for their entire lives.

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