Thursday, August 23, 2007

Commercial Shoot

A slippery way to make $$$$

So I'm not completely unemployed. Between jobs I often find impromptu ways in which I can make money. From painting houses in Fire Island to Producing my friend's commercial I stay, just barely, above the surface.
Eyal, founder and President of Boy Butter Lubes hired me to produce his first commercial shoot. Having an affinity for Billy Mays and OxiClean I gladly accepted the offer. Eyal and I scouted locations and ended up filming at a mutual friend's house. The shoot went well, Eyal is becoming an in-front of camera pro, and I found money in my wallet.


Riot said...

i want to see it!!

southendcb said...

My complete and total favorite lube! It's all I use!

I was hooked for a while on Elbow Grease but Boy Butter takes the (ass) cake.

Where will the commercial be showing? Online? On Logo?

Do tell!!!

Tiger said...

I never forget meeting Eyal's mom at IML a few years ago. She was glowing with pride over her handsome son!