Friday, April 18, 2008

The Whole World in New York

The New York Talk Exchange (NYTE) uploaded these incredibly cool visuals of how connected and reliant the rest of world is to New York City. Go to the site and watch the videos too.

Check this out:

"In the Information Age, the flow of IP (Internet Protocol) data between locations is nearly ubiquitous. Globe Encounters visualizes in real time the volumes of Internet data flowing between New York and cities around the world. The size of the glow on a particular city location corresponds to the amount of IP traffic flowing between that place and New York City. A greater glow implies a greater IP flow."

World Within New York shows how different neighborhoods reach out to the rest of the world via the AT&T telephone network. The city is divided into a grid of 2-kilometer square pixels where each pixel is colored according to the regions of the world wherein the top connecting cities are located. The widths of the color bars represent the proportion of world regions in contact with each neighborhood. Encoded within each pixel is also a list of the world cities that account for 70% of the communications with that particular area of New York.



Bret said...

Does this "IP" tracking account for the excessive porn surfing in NYC?

Anonymous said...

So, I followed your link to the site and watched the video and, surprisingly, Toronto appears to be -- more or less -- the highest-ranked city to which New Yorkers are connected.

I'd like to think I'm personally responsible for 70% of those calls.