Monday, April 14, 2008

Dodgeball: The Legend

The View Bar Vice Squad
(L to R: BJ, Danny, Owen, Sergio, Vanessa, Eric, Vin, T)
Lately dodgeball reporting has been like watching a season of Lost. One mintue you're following a story then the next thing you know it's taking a four week break.


The View Bar Vice Squad is still kicking ass. We were missing some players tonight but like the note to my team stated:

The View Bar was scant tonight, but their playing did not suffer in their vicious fierceness.

We were taught a lesson by Gym Bar (2-1)
But it was then spit back onto the 2nd place team, The Splasholes (2-1)

The Vice Squad/Sub Woofers/Team Fierce is in 1st place - with a ten point lead, Ladies and gentleman (and gender non-specifics), it is our duty to remain in this lead and to conquer all that is the title for Big Apple Dodgeball Season 2!

Organize, Communicate, Play Together, Action!


Capn' Eric

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Bret said...

are you a muscle bear yet?