Friday, April 18, 2008

ACT UP Art-chives

Since blogging about the ACT UP Media event (a few posts down) I have been getting emails from some activists from the time who have been sending me art and clips and emails.

Most notably, BitterQueen who authors the blog: History Of Gay Bars- the most extensive and comprehensive gay nightlife
and culture archive of New York City I've ever come across has been sending me original posters and fliers from the late 1980's. I strongly recommend jumping over to History of Gay Bars. It's unfathomably detailed and interesting. He deserves a lot of credit.

Since the Pope is in America this weekend I thought I'd share some of the art BitterQueen has been sending me. Such passion then! Despite current HIV/AIDS manageability, I beg the question: Where is and what happened to the outrage?

And here is original footage of the ACT UP protest of Cardinal O' Conner and an interview with Larry Kramer: courtesy of After Stonewall:


Homer said...

Eric, I have a poster carried by a friend at that protest- someday I should find an appropriate archive for it.

Anonymous said...

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