Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dodgeball: Children of the Court

The View Bar Vice Squad: "Send em' to Hell!"
(L2R: BJ, Eric, T, Sergio, Danny, and The Mighty Thom)
In a massacre only written in movies like Apocalypto, The View Bar Vice Squad were a stampeding triumph over their snarling competitors, The United Shipping's Big Packages, in a 3-0 pillage.

Then, with no break in between, The Vice Squad heard the sound of a dooming drum beat in the distance. For their next battle was against top competitors, The MasterBeat: Beat Downs.

The first match was a blow to the Vice Squad- coming off the last game they were not yet ready to take on such a powerhouse. It went to MasterBeat.

But! In a restoration of power and an all hands-in team chant of "go fierce go" did the tearing rage ignite within The Vice Squad and bequeath the firestorm which would burn out that drum and lay rest to The MasterBeat: Beat Downs in a 2-1 engulfment.

MVP Award goes to none other than The Mighty Thom who remained a continuous last man standing in our every match. Good playing, Champ! We wouldn't be numero uno without you!


Bret said...

go fierece go!

go Obama go!

*i'm glad you're not wear shorts as short as your friend.

David said...

I'm not. Go short shorts!