Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Whole Facebook Thing

I signed up on Myspace several years ago when there just a few thousand members. Yes, I feel cooler than you- so don't worry about it. I enjoyed myspace and I'll admit to having become, at one point, a myspace-myspacer. Meaning I wrote code, embedded videos, changed my background and commented up and down on my friends pages with toilet humor, off-color remarks and the vicious sarcastic wit for which my generation has finessed and have now become utterly lost within.

But maybe a year ago, or so, Myspace started getting plagued with bugs and viruses. I'd sign in one day and realize over the weekend I was spamming people with free ringtone offers and dating websites. My friends would send comments which begged of me to "click here" and the next thing I knew I was spamming everyone's comment section with things that said, "Oh my god I can't believe you went to high school with HER?!." And the link to "her" was actually a virus. So annoying, really.

Facebook has been around as long as Myspace but when Facebook started it was this elitist who's-who social networking source for ONLY Ivy League going students. Just ask Eric The Roommate, Mr. UPENN himself, and he'll tell you all about it. Needless to say he looooooved it. But as Facebook started opening up to the general public I was hesitant about starting all over again and dealing with the tediousness of filling out yet another profile, adding my friends, searching for people I haven't seen in years, etc..I just wasn't up for it. Also Facebook didn't have any of the pizazz myspace did. It was a stark white page with a lot of text everywhere. However, Eric The Roommate hipped me to the idea that these days social networking sites are about efficency and applications and not animated gifs that twinkle at you. It's no longer about the forever lame "THaNkS 4 tHe ADd" commenting and more about the "play scrabbulous with me!" Facebook is taking the world by storm so I suppose he's right. But do I really care about what all my friends are doing at that exact moment or if my friend's vampire took 4 points away from my other freind's zombie? What?

In any case, I'm on Facebook. I haven't really set up a profile yet and may never really take it seriously because whether it's myspace or facebook, I think I'm over the whole thing anyway. So..poke this! But yes (shrug) I do like to play scrabbulous.


Josh said...

Technically, there were 6,958,683 on myspace before you signed up. But who's counting :)

craig said...

Scrabbulous is quite fun, although I'll admit to be ing dorky enough to be less into it since it doesn't exclusively use the Scrabble dictionary.

David said...

I'm totally going to superpoke you now.