Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Consume Your Culture

Urban Molecule is live! Writer/Editor/Thinker, Christopher De La Torre, has created a space where fellow writers, artists, photographers and thinkers can exhibit their talent and ask questions urging us to look at the world differently and feel something new. The site begs of us to simply, "consume your culture." Ask questions, share ideas, change perspectives. Urban Molecule promises to be a hub of creative depth, artistic and social networking and a source of unyielding wonderment and curiosity.

Consume. Your. Culture: write, create, blog, produce, photograph

From creator De La Torre:

"Until we ask them, questions are invisible, and progress goes nowhere. Think about molecules. They’re invisible, too, and as the basis of everything in the material world, molecules show us how important invisible can be. That’s why Urban Molecule’s mission is to find those invisible artists — the molecules — whose work makes us ask questions that matter. Urban Molecule is you.

I see Urban Molecule as a community waiting to happen. It's been conceived. Now it's in the oven. As of today it's mainly about unknown artists, but I'm hoping it will grow to include politics, philosophy and the life sciences. Answers are downplayed. This zine is all about questions. Sort of an incubator for new ideas. Open to everyone. A place where the words "smart" and "intellectual" don't have to be so scary. is the actual zine - a new issue with new content goes live every three months - while the "consume your culture" blog ( is a weekly, sometimes daily thing. THINKTANK, the UM Interview Series, is featured there the first and third Tuesday of every month, and we'll be hosting regular column writers as well. Readers are encouraged to leave comments. UM also has its own gallery at FLICKR -- photos from readings, conceptual art and contributor photoshoots. It's going to be fun.


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Looks very interesting, thanks!

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