Monday, February 4, 2008


I'm ecstatic to be alive during a time when the first woman and black man run for president and make American history. Tomorrow I will join my fellow citizens and vote toward the future of this nation. I am a fan of Clinton and I am a fan of Obama and I think either would make a great President. So, who will get my vote?

  • I have been alive for 26 years- 19 of those years have been lived with a Bush or Clinton in office.
  • This nation is divided. Republicans vs. Democrats. Many who oppose Clinton seem to simply hate her. I don't know why this is, but if she were elected, that hatred would remain, further keeping us, as a nation, divided. You're right. You're wrong. We're tired.
  • Clinton has White House experience. Obama does not. I'm okay with the idea of someone fresh taking office. I like the idea of out with the old, in with the new.
  • Clinton knows what to do on day one. Obama has a vision.
I don't need Clinton's experience to pave the way for Obama to take office in four years. I'm ready for him and change and a new energy, now.

Go Obama. Yes, we can.


utzies said...

It's about time Eric! Go BO! YES WE CAN!

lindsay said...

and for all of eric's readers, go here to find out where your polling place is in nyc:

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Hillary all the way. If Obama is the Democratic nominee, I may vote Republican for the first time in my life.

aha said...

Why? What is the basis for this proclamation, anonymous?

aha said...

I'm leaning towards Obama myself. I know that "change" has been worn out, but I believe that he has the best vision and best chance at incorporating "change".

Anonymous said...

Let's hope whoever gets the nod, Hillary or Obama, wins in November. Whoever it is will be attacked by the wing-nuts, we might as well get used to it.
Hillary's been at this a long time, I admire her guts, she has my vote tomorrow. In November I'll vote for whoever the Dems run. My money's on the Clintons, but I'll support Obama all the way if he prevails.
My partner likes Romney because "he's cute". Can you believe that?

hapaxlegomenons said...

Hooray for Obama!
Hip-hip-hooray for Eric!

Anonymous said...

i, too, am supporting Barack Obama fpr the presidency. Hillary would make a fine president. Obama would be better.

C said...

i don't understand when people say they would rather vote republican than vote for [insert either democrat in this space]. hasn't this nation had ENOUGH?

i'm curious what the explanation is for this. someone? anyone?

Kevin Roddy said...

Aloha guys,

The State of Hawaii screwed up big time by not supporting same-sex marriage beginning in 1996 - remember, Hawaii is where it all began, folks! Well, our state Supreme Court said there was no reason that gays couldn't marry until the Mormons and Catholics put the kabosh on it out here - though we have a lot of non-religious people and Buddhists in Hawaii, the bully Christians came in and took over on that issue and rammed a constitutional amendment down our throats.

Well, we now offer another native idea as native son.


We're pretty excited here about him!

I'm tired of seeing white males in the White House - it's time for a change.

Hillary supported the war, and I will never forgive her for that. She and the other Dems who did should be ashamed of themselves. Why didn't any of them fight Bush? They perpetrated the lie and now they should pay for it.

They all have blood on their hands that not even the most powerful soap cannot wash off.

How can they live with themselves?