Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Ad

This project has been on delay for awhile. But without further ado:

Original music by Xylos.


Anonymous said...


David said...

Very cool! Where might this be running?

John said...

Love this! ditto David?

bstewart23 said...

I don't know why I kinda choked back a tear while watching this. This is important. Thanks. Love this, love you.

Cuir Vargas said...

Great Work, congratulations.
A simple question with no so simple implications.

Xander said...

Really good, mate.

I love the way the (for lack of a better word) bottom's eyes do register just for a second that he know's it probably isn't the best of ideas. Cool music from Xylos, too.

Boomer said...

Love it. I agree about the look in the bottom's eyes.

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...


Ryan Charisma said...

Great work.

Greg said...

Nice job! Let's hope that people start getting the message.

the zak said...

How do you get it to work?... There's Flash 9 here on this iMac OS X 10.3.9 but it indicates "To watch this video, you need Flash 9" anyway.

Mark said...

good work, Eric!

the zak said...

        > Stop the trend make healthier choices


SEX RULE number 1
Sex is more important than dying.

SEX RULE number 2
Sex is more important than killing somebody.

SEX RULE number 3
If people could change their sexual behavior we wouldn't be here.

rptrcub said...

In the preview still, I at first thought there was some sort of hawt veiny cock :) but I digress. Good job, Eric.

soulbrotha said...

This is what I still don't understand:

If African Americans make up the largest amount of HIV/AIDS cases,

then why are THEY not being reached out to in these ad campaigns?

Gerson, it's like person with a G said...

Oh my little activist is growing up so much! I am so proud of you daddy!

the zak said...

        > Is all barebacking risky?
        > Eric Leven of Knucklecrack (one of our
        > fav blogs) thinks so - and makes his
        > point in this beautiful video below (thanks for
        > sharing, Eric).

        > But, really, is ALL barebacking risky?
        > And what is RISKY, anyway?
        > Isn't the issue of risk - ANY kind of risk - and
        > "safety", much more complicated an issue, one
        > where definitive answers fail to miss everything in
        > the "gray" area?
        > And isn't it ALL ABOUT THE GRAY AREA?
        > What about two poz guys who bareback?
        > What about two neg guys who bareback?
        > What about two guys who don't know each other's
        > status and bareback?
        > Is risk all about HIV prevention?
        > Can we remove risk from our daily lives? And who
        > would want to, if it was possible?

This is a slippery slope argument.

Yeah, gray, that's the ticket!

RG said...


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