Thursday, January 22, 2009

Must See: Loaded

Wayne and I went to The Center last night to see a new play entitled Loaded. The show is completely sold out for its short 5 show duration but if you beg The Center or call ahead you might be able to get a seat.

The Synopsis:
LOADED, the provocative new play by Elliot Ramon Potts, directed by Hector Lugo is an exhilarating dark comedy which dares to ask the question, “What happens when f**k buddies start talking?” Running ninety-minutes, LOADED breathtakingly unfolds in real time as the characters -- a jaded, 47-year-old man who is used to having the upper hand in intimate encounters and a hopeful, quick-witted 24-year-old -- reveal themselves in a sexually charged tête-à-tête. They thrash out the perceived consequences of a libertine past, the risk of a conformist present and the dithering future of the Gay Community. The sex may have been hot, but the conversation…incendiary. The talented and sexy cast features Paul Caiola and Ted Morin.
Wayne and I were both incredibly impressed with this play and how the subject matter unravels before the audience with no unnatural flow or superficial push. In approximately 90 minutes the characters hit upon everything ranging from: Gay history, gay sex, Older/Younger homo dynamics, activism, HIV/AIDS, bareback, the difference between generations and where we're headed. The play is intense and carries a great impact.

Loaded is currently being sought out by producers - hopefully the play will get picked up for a longer run and a bigger venue.

Official website here


Xander said...

Sounds reallt interesting. While I was visiting this year's EdFringeFest I got to see an Aussie play 'The Adventures Of ButtBoy & Tigger' which dealt with the issues that purely online relationships can create.

It was really good, but 'Loaded' sounds like its covering somewhat newer ground.

rptrcub said...

I can has Pleh in Atlanta? Kthx.

AJohnP said...

Wow...I'd never heard of this, but I'll be sure to keep my eye out for future productions.
Thanks for the heads up, I hope it has a future 'life'.

mail said...

I saw it tonight. I loved it too. I definitely identify with the older guy and found myself looking at the younger guy. Then afterward i saw a young guy i know and i said i did not think i really understand younger gay men in their 20s because i don't know any. He said "thats because you dont want to." It was an abrupt response and instead of arguing like they did throughout the play, i said " you know, youre probably right and i do not know why i feel that way." lol. I loved the play.

David said...

hehehehehe, you said "longer" and "bigger."

Seriously, it does sound like something I'd love. I'll keep an eye out for it, should it transfer to another venue.