Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chicks in Boots: A series of Haikus

Click clack clomp clump thud

You know these floors are wood, right?
You are killing me.

Listen, I get it,
Okay? Fashion, whatever.
But the boots must go!

There once was a time
When Ugz were in - maybe you
Could be less trendy?

It's not you, really.
It's me. No, no.  Wait a sec.
Yeah, sorry, it's you.

Ahh, peace and quiet
This is nice, isn't it?  Oh shit,
there goes your iphone.


Sero said...

i love the fourth one
i will use it regulary
maybe i should send you then some money for the copyright ;-)

Dave in Oz said...

I agree - I like the fourth one too - but they're all good. Haikus for Generation X/Y/Z/Whatever-it's-called-now for the 21st century. It's so, like, whatever.

Boomer said...

LOVE IT! Chicks in cute boots do, however, provide some visceral level of entertainment on slick days.

Here in Chicago it's been a cold icy winter so far. I do not want to come off as completely insensitive but when one of these "sex in the city wannabees" (though they really should move to NYC, no?) in her clickity clack high heeled "cute boots" goes sprawling feet over head on the ice spilling her latte, I can't help but supress a little giggle. Is that so wrong? :)

mail said...

I dislike those Ugz. I did not like that look in 1992 when the Italians were doing it. It looks shabby and cheap in my opinion. Plus they are not australian. Ugz are actually made in China like everything else. I assume UGZ is an abbreviation of sorts for Ugly? i do not know for sure. they are very expensive and my tween nieces adore them.

Marker said...

I second what Boomer said.

Remember when Ugz were rare, and unavailable? Can we go back to those days, please?

The girls of Chicago, never the most stylish lot, have, in typical herd mentality, adopted Ugz en masse, and as usual, it's not working, ladies! 95% of you look ridiculous.