Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do's and Dont's of the Flu

Yup, I'm down for the count for a few days:

Don't try and watch a Bad Girl's Club Marathon
Don't watch Mel Gibson's Apocalypto.
Don't fret about how you haven't gone to the gym in over a month and how you're down 10lbs.
Don't double-dose on cough syrup with codeine it will only make you feel that much more delirious.

Do brush your teeth often.
Do drink lots and lots of homemade Green Tea Iced Tea
Do cuddle with your Mommy!
Do watch the entire second season of Big Love
Do watch Southland Tales, DON'T try to understand it.


bstewart23 said...

Coulda been worse. F'rinstance, you could've watched Bromance, which would guarantee you slipping into a coma.

Also? I. LOVE. Southland Tales.

Greg said...

You actually watched Apocalypto. No wonder you feel terrible!!

Xander said...

You can *never* go wrong with green tea in any form. Two other good teas that can help are loose leaf yogi tea and ecinacea tea.

Have yet to see 'Southland Tales', but I figure any film with Maranda Richardson as a bad guy *has* to be great!

Fight that flu, man.

Mike said...

Awww...get well soon! I'm a fan of HOT TEA in winter.

Scott said...

Welcome back!
Happy New Year!
We missed you!
Feel better!
Keep up the great work!

j. said...

Happy New Year!
Welcome to cold season. Having heard that laughter is the best medicine I've been popping "Little Britain" like it's going out of style. Still my cold persists...but at least I'm laughing all the way.

Hope you're feeling better soon.
p.s. Yeah, "Apocalypso"...never watch Mel Gibson anything unless you want a giant dose of Depresso!

King.of. said...

OMGZ, ain't these girls crazy on the Bad Girls Club? Like, if you are a parent to one these kids does that automatically mean you get an 'F' in Parenting?

But anyways, I like how Boston almost snapped when Kasey was flirting with her. "I AM STRAIGHT AND I"m NOT HOMOSEXUAL!!!!" and they were all like, "LULZ Show us your tits!"

jayboy said...

Mercy me - I actually sat down to watch Southland Tales a few weeks ago and it sat among the folds of my cerebellum as an irritating grain of sand.

Tina-cious.com said...

I tried to DVR Southland Tales! But couldn't find it in the upcoming week...

...it looks good! :)

Hope you're feeling better :)

Jim said...

Happy New Year

Sorry about the flu. Here are some virtual hugs to make you feel better :)

rptrcub said...

I hope you feel better, and please know that there are many, many men who would love to cuddle up with you to make you feel better!

David said...

Hel-lo? Chicken soup?

What kind of Jew are you? Shall I bring some over?

Also, do get at least 8 hours of solid sleep a night.

And you can do push ups and sit ups in the comfort of you own home and believe it or not, that is also a great way to get the body's immune system to kick in.

-ragey kisses

evilganome said...

Sorry to hear you feeling sick. It's going around.

BTW I have an extra 10 lbs. you can have.

Ryan Charisma said...

DO get better,

kisses and love from NYC!

Jimbo3DC said...

Yep, beware of that Malaysian Avian Influenza Deathcough. half of my workplace has it, luckily I'm over it. I think it's just a really bad cold, with lots of lung butter. I highly recommend Mucinex DX for all the headsnot. It really drains the head well. Get better...it takes a long time to shake I'm afraid.

RG said...

Didn't get your flu shot did you? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I would recommend watching True Blood if you have Showtime.