Saturday, November 15, 2008

National Protest: NYC

In another protest of massive numbers the LGBT people of NYC and their allies rallied in support of equal rights and national recognition. The event was as packed and inspiring as Wednesday night's event at the LDS Chruch in uptown Manhattan.

With more time to organize and taking notes from Wednesday's event this protest honed in on what is happening within NY politics, who we should keep our eyes on and to further carry the fight for our national equal rights.

There were significant decline in Mormon-related signs, which I think is a step in the right direction, and a notable surge in signs relating to general equality, unity and upbeat remarks on hypocrisy. The crowd covered the spectrum of age ranges and races with a special shout out to those in their early twenties. Speakers ranged from politicians to local celebrities and artists and throughout the two hour event the pulse in the crowd remained attentive and energized.

This tidal wave is growing and we are all riding it's crest.

Video above is shot by Father Tony and features me and Paul of Habitat67 trying to stir up some energy. I could only get through a few versus before my throat blew out but I expected everyone else to follow along. Well, not so much. But it sure is one hell of a good time trying to do so. Also in the video is David of Someone in a Tree and a cameo by my friend and actor Wilson Cruz.
Equal Rights w/ Lil David
Photos: John Nalley


bstewart23 said...

Sweet. Y'all rock. WE all rock. Cheers from your queer (and not-so-queer) brothers and sisters to the north, who can tell you the fight is long and ugly... but SO WORTH IT! Fight on!

RG said...

We had 5,000 people show up here to Join The Impact in Boston! Bless the Harvard students who organized the whole thing in these parts in six days.

I must say, that as a jaded old 'Mo, it was good to see at least 3/4 of the crowd here in Boston, was under the age of 25! You go young'ns!

Jay said...

great to see :)


rptrcub said...

It was wonderful to see. Now, let's keep it going.

Atlanta photos here.

Charlie said...

nice shirt to wear on the protests. Looks smashing :)

Turtlelove 181 said...

"Great job!!!" It was an awesome thing to see here in California.
Peace -Michael