Thursday, November 20, 2008

Absolute Marriage

found via: Eric with a C

Had I been in the audience of this taping of The View with Mike Huckabee I would have stood up and screamed "You're a fucking BIGOT!" before being escorted thrown out by security. My life and lifestyle isn't up to your opinion. It isn't up for negotiation. You don't think we've suffered enough? Gay bashings, depression, HIV/AIDS, dead kids, suicides? Is that not suffering Huckabee? Do you need the high powered water hoses to be turned back on before you recognize us? If that's the case than BRING IT!

Ah- and a note to all my straight friends who don't think all this "rallying business" isn't getting us anywhere just look and see how it's already affected 1) the gay community and 2) Calfornia Supreme Court's quick willingness to hear challenges to Prop 8. In addition, for anyone who thinks civil rights and marriage rights are two separate things - I want you to ask them to look you square in the eye and say, "I don't think you deserve equal rights." See what happens.

I'm an angry faggot today and will continue to be so until things are just. And I'll probably still be angry after that, because in the words of this upcoming Harvey Milk film: "It's more than an issue. This is our lives we're fighting for" so you better mother-fucking respect! You heard?


Eric said...


Thanks for the cross-link.

bstewart23 said...

Huckabee is a fucking asshole bigot and a liar. Sorry, E-Rock, but there's no way to state it any plainer.

Furthermore, isn't it time The View was shut down? I mean, you've got that shrill, idiotic, Sean-Hannity-blowing moron, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, spouting whatever gibberish she heard on Fox the night before... you've got Sherri Shephard, that shrill, bible-thumbing half-wit who couldn't say for sure if the Earth was round or flat, and believes that humans and dinosaurs coexisted... all held together by an aging, celebrity-blowing fucktard with a speech impediment who wanted to marry Roy Cohn, Babs Walters.

You'd cry if it wasn't so goddamned funny. And it's an insult to thinking women everywhere that they're represented by such low-functioning fucktards.

rptrcub said...

That's what I've been screamin'. Rage on brother.

David said...

Who's the cutest widdle angwy activist?
Yes you are! Yes you are! Yes you are!

Rage, baby.

Ryan Charisma said...

I'm just as mad. And people get up in arms how aggressive we are. Damn fucking right.

I'm with you.

I know it's wrong but really, I do want to hurt someone. I never would, but I get so angry I seethe hate through clenched teeth. I would be dangerous with a mouthy douchbag conservative and a baseball bat.

And I'm really not the violent type. I guess it's from years of being held back, by both society and by myself. Not anymore, not this gay.

Boomer said...

We need to be smarter and better than them!

Rage is one thing...a good thing...violence quite another. Channel that violence into something positive. Something creative. Something that will better make our message heard and understood.

There's a lot to be said for not dropping down to their level.

mail said...

Why this fool ever got his own show is beyond me. He is no different that Pat Buchanan. Dangerous and ignorant!!!!

Jay said...

cute absolut ad :)

dont get me started on huckabee


RG said...

Huckabee is a dick.

Work that anger baby!

Homer said...

I told my female co-workers about Huckabee and they both burst out "He's a straight white man, how does he know anything about suffering?"