Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Magic Marshalls

Last night's Prop 8 Protest Planning and Sign Making event was a total success. Thank you everyone for coming! There was a great vibe to the evening. People are excited. People are interested, angry, motivated, inspired! Some ACT UP veterans, including Ann Northrop and John Voelcker were there to give a speech on what to expect, how to control the crowd and proceed with the protest. Also there: activist Michael Signorile and megablogger Andy Towle.

At the peak of attendance there was hardly any room on the floor to get down and make a sign. Well over a hundred signs were made and we will be passing them out tonight as the rally gets underway. Therefore, don't worry if you were not able to make a sign , there will likely be one for you tonight. Just show up early!

Also the Facebook Prop 8 link has provided some signs for you. There are even some for your straight friends and straight supporters. If you're at work - go ahead and use the copy machines!!

2 comments: said...

So disappointed that I can't make it tonight -- up until an hour ago I was going to go!

But unfortunately, one sick grandma and one delivering mom are going to keep us away.

But our hearts are with you guys! :)

this Just in said...

Hey Eric, cool blog. It's interesting to read about the gay community from your perspective. It's awesome to see a post on the first ever protest I was involved with. I even ended up in the bottom right corner of your "Magic Marshalls" photo. It was fun making signs and if I had known that THE Michael Signorile was amongst us, I would've chatted him up. I loved his book, "Outside".