Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Edge New York on Gay Bloggers

My neighbrah Cody Lyon put together this piece on gay bloggers for Edge New York.

The blogosphere has expanded in popularity - and influence - in recent years with a variety of news, activism and even entertainment sites. The Web site "Best Gay Blogs" currently lists roughly 2,000 active gay blogs from around the world. And around 100 of these are in New York.

"[A successfully gay blog] is really about building a unique community of like-minded individuals to share thoughts, passions and dreams," Best Gay Blogs managing editor Chad Williams said.
The article pimps out and discusses Lady Bunny's Blog, The Blogfather- Joe.My.God., Blabbeando who blogs underreported stories of LGBT issues regarding Latinos and Latin America itself, The Empire State Pride Agenda blog and lastly, yours truly.

Ch-ch-Check it out! and you can peep Cody Lyon's blog here too.

Gosh- gays and blogs are becoming as common as gays and Madonna albums!

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Andrés Duque said...

Thanks for cross-lsiting, Eric. Been following your blog for a while as well.