Monday, May 5, 2008

Dodgeball: Slaughterhouse

The View Bar Vice Squad AKA Team Fierce AKA Sub Woofers AKA Team #1
(L2R: Vin hiking up the shorts, Thom ready for annihilation, Vanessa decked in blood red, Eric Balls of Fury, T screeching Terror-dactyl)

Tonight the 70+ players of New York's Gay/Gay Friendly Big Apple Dodgeball league enters the playoffs. Only four teams will make it to next week's championship games. The View bar Vice Squad has made this standing already and tonight we will be one step closer to city-wide ball throwing, slick moving, team-working victory! Bring it!

Come party with the whole league tonight at View Bar for flip cup and rowdy obnoxious behavior. Festivities begin around 9PM.

UPDATE: This just in from our team mailing list written by Sergio who had a premonition about our winning tonight:

"OMG, you guys! I just thought of something that will totally, like, make you freak out! Now, I'm not sure this is 100% reliable because I'm only 25% psychic (on my mother's side), but I totally had a dream last night that predicted our domination! I was on the street where I grew up, trying to get into my car, but this big, playful dog was forcing his way into my car. I didn't ask him for comment but I suspect the dog would have said, "woof." A dream like this before a big dodgeball night for us has me reaching for the Thorazine!

Anyway, I don't think we need it spelled out any clearer--My dream clearly indicates we're going to win big tonight. Let's go for 6-0.


David said...

TOo bad I didn't see this until today, but considering I was running on only 4.5 hours of sleep, I don't think I would have made it there anyway.

Anonymous said...

I was in a D-ball league a few years ago with work colleages. Had a blast...who'da thunk!?

Mike in Boston

Anonymous said...

OMG you guys! I just had another dream! I dreamt my dodgeball team swept the opposition 6-0 last night and ended up in first place and my captain was the team MVP of the night, and then we all went to our sponsor bar to celebrate our unequivocal dominance.

At least, I THINK it was a dream...