Friday, April 16, 2010


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Tony said...

some of my favorite parts of this video: your grandma sharing her wisdom about life "be happy together..."; every time she said "delancey street"; and at the end, when she says "that's leave me alone!" i feel that in watching this video, it was assumed that i would learn about your grandma, but what i really learned about was you, eric. as beautiful as your writing is, this video is the most powerful expression of love you could ever come up with. i truly wonder what it was like in new york when she was growing up--such a different time. i wonder if people will wonder the same about us in 70 or 80 years, and what you will say in your video when speaking about life and love.

Spouse Walker said...

I related to her saying she had two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. I had the same thing in the Bronx and it was home. Fortunately we got a new one. I find it interesting that taking a few trains was considered so much travel but it is true that people did not tend to roam too far from the block they lived on. She is very sweet and in damn good shape. I am amazed at her great weight. She looks so fit. I am sure it will always be special for you to watch over and over again. My grandmother treated me like gold and i did not even deserve it really. This makes me miss her. It also brings her back to me too. Thanks.

Robert D. Meek, Jr. said...

To say that she is "charming," which is true, is for me, the understatement of the century. I really do not have the words at my disposal, to express what this lovely woman elicits from me. I know this much: my maternal grandparents died before my mother married. I never knew them. Of my paternal grandparents, my grandfather died when I was 2 years old. I have no memories of him. My grandmother died when I was 16, but I learned early on she was a rather disconnected person. She never even knew what age my sister and I was, each time we visited her. Ironically, I got more "grandmothering" from my great great great Cousin Agnes. She also passed away when I was 16, and it was her death that brought me to tears. I fully understand your emotions, having gone through that more than once, being 53 now, with good reason to have felt my own mortality, but I cannot shake what a blessing it must be to have such a lovely grandmother. I can only thank you deeply from my heart for sharing this with all of us.

Spencer Lord said...

this is really great. makes me realize i need to do this with my 90 yr old grandma. thank u so much for sharing this clip.

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