Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blog Summit Linkage

The only thing more gay-cliche than writing a kumbaya, everybody get together now GLBT Blogger Initiative round-up, would be to do so while listening to Ani DiFranco and burning Nag Champa.


What? I can be 32 flavors and then some too - even if I didn't go to Ithaca College or have dreadlocks!


This weekend was a coming together of some truly powerful and wildly colored voices. Each of their blogs, several of which I hadn't known previously, all deserve a thorough poking around and even a little "Hey, you there! Watcha got? Whatcha got?"

There's Buffawhat, who by the end of the weekend I solely referred to as Buffawhaaaaaaat or would say, "Buffawho? Buffawhat!" and sometimes I'd snap. (Ok, most of the time I'd snap.) He's a 22 year old Buffalo living, Night club working, modern design toy collecting homo glitch- head. He's the one, that if the blog convention suddenly turned into an underground treasure hunting predicament, we'd all turn to and say "Slick shoes? Are you crazy?!"

His design is sleek and does that real time blog thing, capturing his life throughout the day. He's also trying to create a Western New York and Toronto Based community blog. Email him if you'd be interested in that. (Bstewart: elbow nudge, elbow nudge.)

Good As You is another New York based blog representing "a new generation of GLBT activism. Now is the time for intelligent, progressive-minded individuals to step up and fight for the common rights of which they might be denied. We're here to rally the troops." Fierce, right?

Good as You is authored by Jeremy Hooper who has written for The Advocate and other national press.

(.net!!) is a DC Blog pulsing its way to a city near you. The blog focuses exactly as its title states: The New Gay. This is a blogging community of ideas and events for those seeking to escape from the rainbowed umbrella (ella ella) of mainstream gay culture. They have grown quickly over the past year and are looking to expand the blog to a national level.

We got Zamna Avila, author of the blog: AskTheGayLatino, Cha Cha'ing his gay Latino perspective out of Long Beach, CA and to the North of us we got Michigan blogging Todd Heywood of The Michigan Messenger who recently got up in Mike Huckabee's grill to be all: "What? What? You don't think gay people have suffered?!" Courageous move! Heywood is also focused on HIV/AIDS and sex based communication. (Props!)

Lane Hudson, the 29 year old blogger who posted Mark Foley's "Hey Kid, A/S/L?!" IMs to his website was there absorbing blogger tactics for his blog News for the Left.

Oh! And the recipient of the, "Get the coffin ready because I'm dying!" Award goes to Jimbo of Jimbo.info. Three words: Handsome. Bearded. Rugby. I could include smart and down-right funny but the three words above are going to get him the clicks anyway. He is funny though, having just included Miley Cirus on his 2009 Banned-Items list (for the second year in a row.) Yes, his bearshake brings all the cubs to the yard.

Hugely popular African American blogger, Rod 2.0 was attending as were many members of The Bilerico team including the inspiring, Rev. Irene Monroe, Paige Schilt whose mention of her blog being the combination of queerness, family and feminitity made me melt into a goopy puddle on the floor. Rounding off the Bilerico Team was blog-slinger Alex Blaze, the Tucson-living Serena Freewomyn (werk!,) Bilerico's most popular article: "War on Intellectualism" writer and recently married Waymon Hudson, Bil Browning's partner (and in crime) Jerame Davis, Year long blogger friend and all around brilliant guy, Michael Crawford and several others.

At the Bosses table sat the blogging Mother Ships of Pam's House Blend, Joe.My.God., Wayne Besen, Mike Rogers, Cathy Renna, Andy Wibbels and Teddy Partridge of Fire Dog Lake.

There were many others there. A full cornucopia of blogging, GLBT issues and National Politics. For a complete list of the who's who and what's their whotananny go to The Summit Blogroll. It's still being updated so all names might not be there yet.

Thanks again to all who were there!

...My roommate just got home and told me the apartment smells like hippies.


Michael said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Eric. Keep up the good work!

Buffawhat said...

"SLICK SHOES!" thanks for the shoutout! PS. my daddybear best friend wants you to know he thinks you are HAWT!