Monday, July 28, 2008

New Hope, PA Soooooo Gay (kind of)

New Hope, PA - Anytown, USA
(with the exception of all the witch shops and punk rock boutiques)
Work brought me down to New Hope, Pennsylvania on Friday and after I wrapped I had some time to check out the digs of this artsy community.

I've heard before that New Hope is very gay or at least very gay friendly and the town certainly makes their gay love quite apparent.

There was gay restaurants and gay Ice cream:

Gay Pinwheels and Spirals (wheee!)

Hell, even Gay Tye-dye:

I walked by this statue and pretty much assumed he/she was gay: (fierce tail!)

And, although these two places didn't show rainbow pride, both Organic Coffee and Witch Craft stores are pretty "gay."

The only thing I didn't see amongst all the gaiety in New Hope was actual gay people. Yeah, that's right. I saw about 19 million Rainbow flags but no gay people. I was only there for the day so maybe at night everything changes?

This leads me to believe one thing and one thing only: Gay Vampires, ladies and gentlemen, Gay Vampires.


Adam said...

But did you see any gays or just gay schwag? It's creepy if all you saw was gay schwag but no gays.

David said...

They were all at the Raven.

Knucklecrack said...

The Raven closed down apparently.

Mark said...

The Raven closed last May. One of the two gentlemen who bought it four years ago passed away this month. They had closed the Raven to concentrate on their other venture, the Nevermore, which is further down the road, and not quite the same thing. At all.

The Raven was pretty much the center of gay life in New Hope and those of us who loved it are very sad to have watched it's demise.

Michael Crawford said...

New Hope is pretty damn gay. To bad the rest of PA isn't.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently upheld a lower court decision striking down the state's hate crimes law. The law included sexual orientation and gender identity.

Now, it is back to the drawing board for LGBT activists in the state.

ewe said...

we can only hope.

k.d. f/x said...

Maybe I should roam the street at night and hope I run into ANGEL...

Got some plans for the gentleman...

David said...

The Raven is closed? Then there really is NO reason to go to New Hope now.

BTW, I was in a production of "The Music Man" at the Bucks County Playhouse YEARS ago. Starring Gary Sandy.

Bill Hawley said...

New Hope is gay-ish but, yeah, definitely less so now that the Raven is closed. I hope it'll get new owners soon. I used to live less than 10 minutes from New Hope but on the Jersey side of the river, and one of my best girlfriends still lives there. We saw Eddie Mecca, Carmine "the Big Ragu" Ragusa on "Laverne and Shirley," as Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Bucks County Playhouse. He was pretty darn good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really do hope the Raven opens up again soon. Although I live out of the area now, I definitely was looking forward to visiting and going to the Raven. Not sure I really want to venture there now. Pretty sad.