Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Save Nightlife - Save the Roxy: August 12th

Back on the table again!
Via the Huffington Post:

When I reported last month that New York City Nightlife was under attack and asked readers to rally in support, thousands of people responded in what Gay City News called an "unprecedented Internet-fueled campaign." The meeting to grant the Roxy a new liquor license was unfortunately postponed, but has now been rescheduled for Tuesday, August 12th.

As I said about the meeting last month:

This Tuesday, you have a real opportunity to stand up for New York City nightlife, which has been increasingly under attack from a small group of residents. These groups are fighting to end the city's legacy as a global nightlife destination, attempting to allow fewer licenses to be issued, closing bars early, and even shutting down some venues.

The historic Roxy nightclub is attempting to reopen, and their ability to obtain a liquor license may be blocked by Chelsea's fringe anti-nightlife activists. On Tuesday, you can attend Community Board Four's Business Licenses & Permits Meeting and ask the Board to preserve New York's outstanding nightlife.

I've setup this facebook event for you to join and invite your friends. It's time to fight back against the "wanna-be suburbanites" (as New York Blade Columnist Allen Roskoff calls them) trying to turn New York City into a sleepy bedroom community.

See you all on Tuesday!

Meeting Info: Community Board 4's Business Licenses & Permits Committee, 6:30 PM, Tuesday, Aug. 12th, in The Minetta Room of The Westin Hotel, at 270 W. 43rd St between 7th and 8th Avenue.

And Gay City News tipped their hat to all the bloggers and web-people who helped get the word out:
Davis' call to action was immediately posted on GayWired and gay blogs such as Queerty and the Bilerico Project, as well as New York magazine's Grub Street and The Facebook group eventually had 1,000 members, 116 of whom classified themselves as "definitely attending" the Tuesday meeting - with 300 or so "maybes."

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