Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Word of the Day

SO much to do! Blogs to come - just not now. But FYI.........
The word of the day is:

Butch Realness.

pimp it and try to use it in a sentence. I'll start you off:

Dressed in a red flannel shirt and sporting a thick new beard Alex's Butch Realness was off the charts at Sunday's Pinups Magazine release party. (NSFW!!!)

Photos courtesy of Michael Alexander Photography


CraigF said...

Oh yeah. He's beautiful. I like his septum piercing — it's like mine.

Anonymous said...

WOOF, who knew you were HOT.

Sincerely, LA Schukis

cb said...

Can "butch realness" be used the same way as "butchtastic" and "butchalicious" can be??

Mike said...

Bears and bears and bears oh my