Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dodgeball: View Bar Vice Squad Rages the Court

The Viciousness that is The View Bar Vice Squad
(L to R: BJ, T, Vin, Vanessa, Me, Danny, Thom, Owen, Sergio)
Showing off our new red socks
The View Bar Vice Squad brought the war on terror a little closer to home last night as we swept our competitors with a 5-1 win and continue to hold the title as #1 team in the league. As team captain all I can truly say is, "Daddy's proud."

Last night we left severe fissures in The Splash-holes winning 2-1 and snapped the Gym Bar Slim Gyms 3-0. Really, it was over before it began. I instructed the team to stay focused, communicate with one another, organize and treat dodgeball in a buddha-from-hell Zen-like manner. After putting our hands in and chanting "Your Mother!" The View Bar Vice Squad carried through and dominated. Leather was totally on the left side last night.

Most Valuable Player of the Week Award goes to none other than our fierce bite-sized player, T, who proves big things do come in small packages when she caught a hard-thrown ball against her face and sent the best player on The Splash-holes to the side lines. Despite her small stature T delivers on the court like a steel-boot kick to the mouth. When asked for a comment T said, "It was the first time any kind of ball was that close to my face and I chewed it up and spit it out!! What?!" That's right T, you bring it!

Step to this!

Dodgeball Roster and schedule

The Boy Butter Ballers and The Master Beatdowns showing good sportsman ship after a match

(L)The ApeMan himself, Will Grard, trying to send a player home. Will- you can peg me anytime. Seriously. (R) The ferocious Steve Osada of the Boy Butter Ballers showing no fear in being the only remaining player of his team against the monsters of The Master BeatDowns.

Fresh off the plane from his month long Yoga retreat in the Bahams, Jason Saft charges the line with a "Namaste THIS, bitches!" attitude.

Handsome n' bearded RJ of the David Barton Spartans out of breath after his first round of games. When asked for a comment all RJ had to say was this, "What do you want from me, Eric? We lost all three games." Way to go, RJ. Way to go.

And of course, the Post Game Flip Cup insanity hosted by everyone's favorite Lesbian Bar Henrietta Hudson's.

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It's all about the lightning socks. Ferocious.