Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Washington Square Park Face Lift

The fountain was successfully moved and now you can see the water from any point North, East, South, West. The new benches are nice and the ground has been leveled. Good job, NYC.


David said...

I find it ironic that this was only achieved after the City fought endless lawsuits brought by locals who were vehemently against this move that would "destroy" the character of the park.

I wonder what the City could have done with all the money they had to spend on those legal proceedings.

The Übereater said...


I spent the entire Memorial Day Weekend in the newly revamped Wash Square and I can attest to your account. The park is now almost a new park within an old one. You can sit out on the Gore-green lawn and watch the fountain roar, or you can mosey over to the old park and watch dirty European tourists feed Rabid Squirrels. Two worlds, together as one.

Love Wash Square. LOVE IT.

Hope to see your jump-roping ass there soon.

-The Ubereater

The Übereater said...

I just hope the city keeps the lawn up and it stays nice...