Friday, April 30, 2010


I often sit wondering, wrought with pensiveness and just short of teeth-chattering anxiety, where we as a nation are heading. I think to myself how will this nation be able to pull itself up from the depths of mediocrity where we currently find ourselves. How can we turn this all around? Too often I think we're too far gone. A farewell to what's already lost.

We are at a point of such deep rooted cynicism that no system seems to work. Customer service is in the garbage. There's no surprise when our leaders prove to be corrupt. Instead, we expect them to be. This one is spending money on strip clubs, the other one votes all anti-gay while being gay himself. Sports figures, our once past-time heroes, are growing to ungodly unnatural proportions, shooting themselves up while finding ways to bend the rules. One sport star apologizes to the whole nation for cheating on his wife while we all know it's an attempt to regain his sponsors. Why do I need his apology? Text-speak is our distracting new literature. Whole generations of kids shortening "ur" for your or is it you're? Does it matter? "Your!" goes beyond my 140 word tweet capacity! Obesity rates are nearly double what they were 30 years ago and the intersection of ignorance and arrogance is our absolved route toward education. I find it astonishing that in 2010 there's actually a call to reform Texas public school books to be more pro-Christan, pro-conservative in a nation founded on the separation of Church and State.

We are at a point where "singers" are auto-tuned into talent. Where they are unable to sell their image without some font-based-emoticon symbol spelling out their name. We celebrate the sing along to lyrics about cell phone reception in clubs, brushing our teeth with a bottle of Jack and a once church-going diva somehow paralleling female empowerment to lyrics like, "this is a stick up, stick up, I need them bags and that money." Oh, come on KnuckleCrack, it's just a song. Lighten up!"

I try to, but when I hear the lyrics to Ke$ha's latest ubiquitous song:

Got my drunk text on
I'll regret it in the mo'
But tonight
I don't give a
I don't give a
I don't give a

it's just too stupid not to get under my skin. The future of nit-wit cell phone girls in halter tops, drunk at 15 and giving their mother the finger, salute you. "Long live Ke$ha! For you were the first to tell me not to give a fuck!"

Obama, the man who was to turn it all around, was trampled upon before he was even out of the gate. "How's that hopey, changey stuff you were promised" the average speaking, conservatively fashionable woman at the podium asks her audience. She's knows she can incite a howling applause from her followers cut from the same cloth. I never once thought that Obama would enter office and that change would immediately preside over this nation. Instead, I believed he was speaking to us individually, saying that we can be the change we want to see. We can be the progress we want to achieve. That his only power was instilling in us that we, the individual, are capable of turning this world around. That it is up to us and only us to better our communities, fight for the environment, take responsibility for our children. But that would require work on our part and those too lazy and dumb to do it themselves, to even understand his very eloquently spoken words, neither supported him in the first place (he's from Kenya! He's not even American! He's not fit for the job! He's the Antichrist! He's a socialist! He's a communist!) or turned their backs on him within his first week. Not that they have any answers themselves - they're just happy to point a finger and blame.

In the eight years that our former President destroyed our nation never once did he receive the amount of public disrespect our current president puts up with. Yes, we thought Bush was an idiot, we knew very well he couldn't string a sentence together and he lied our way into a never-ending war but during this time never did any congressman stand up and scream "you lie!" Understandably people are upset about Obama's route to change our current situation. I understand people being weary of Government expansion, a change in health care, but I won't budge in my belief that a lot of the anger fueling the current anti-president movement, this amount of disrespect, lies in the fact that the old power-controlling white suits lost to a black man, a female house speaker and a newly appointed Latina to the Supreme Court. Argue me all you want that this isn't the case, I'll clench my teeth and sigh the more you deny it. Call me an elitist but I'd still prefer risky changes over a woman who speaks to the nation in "don't ya knows" and "drill baby drills." I prefer smart over average. Distinguished over dumb.

Right now a few Arizona politicians are calling for illegals to be rounded up and sent back home. "Oh Knucklecrack, it's not like that," a few disagreeing friends will plead upon me, "it's only people suspected of being illegal that need to worry." "Fine," I respond, "but when the systematic profiling begins, when the police are given too much power, when the beatings and rapes occur and when US Citizens of Mexican origin don't feel safe without carrying papers on them, don't say I didn't warn you." There is no easy answer to this problem but I can assure you catching immigrants like grasshoppers as one politician suggests, isn't the way to go about things. After all, Hitler compared the Jews to being sub-human too.

So where in all of this are we going? How can we repair ourselves? What is it going to take for all of this to turn around? As a nation we are splitting by the second, dividing further and further into some unknown course. I don't think any of us know where we're going and the idea of hoping for the best seems less and less useful.

Happy Friday.


Jabacue said...

Are you sure that you aren't a reincarnated being of the 60's. It is so refreshing to read/hear an intelligent blog about the 'state of affairs' of the world.
There was so much of this in the sixties and it did bring about change! I think the time is right/ripe for another major shift in priorities. Probably even more so now.
Stay MAD....don't give in.

Anonymous said...

You give me hope.

ewe said...

You completely forgot about the medical community pushing pills so we can all cope in calm careless consumerism. The wisest of people have always said that the road to spiritual enlightenment requires a toxic cleansing. That is how i ultimately see all of this. Keep your head up and keep on keepin on.

Father Tony said...

You are right to be agitated.
The situation in Arizona is extraordinary and I can't believe that most of the citizenry who voted for the offensive law really understood what they were doing. The biggest shame falls upon Arizona legislators who did know what the new law would mean.
The demand "Show me your papers" gives me the vapors.

Anonymous said...

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Jim said...

My words exactly. I don't even recognize this country anymore.

Anonymous said...

Why do I need his apology?
I agree completely. Sometimes a little privacy or if not that, then withholding is just fine and to be encouraged.

I think you're far too hard on Ke$ha. She helped me get through midnight or later work outs on bases scattered across southwest Asia when I was in some way cut off from the world at large. I've always liked bubblegum pop, so I'm definitely part of the target group, but I don't devalue its purpose: to get your mind off it all, all the shit that keeps happening when you're working 60-100 hours and 6 or 7 days a week, all the innumerable things that go wrong and the waiting for hours and when you're too fucking tired to get out bed when they launch mortars because you've worked more hours than are allowed on the time sheet. Sometimes not giving a fuck is a glorious release.

Are there lots of people who should give a fuck and don't? Yes but that has been static through the ages; their numbers fluctuate, but generally they remain the same.

Other than that I think you've channeled our times quite well.

Joey said...

The truly disgusting thing about Arizona is the way the Feds did nothing to secure the border (including prior administrations), then waited for crime to rise so Arizona would pass a desperate law. Then Obama came out against it, so he could appeal to the Hispanic vote (as he recently called on them to vote next time around, along with women, blacks, and young people. He made sure to leave out gays so as not to offend the other groups). Recently he made a horrid "adios Amigo" joke about the situation (Ariz. becoming the kidnapping capital of the country is no joke, Obama, especially when the Feds do nothing). I voted for him, but Obama and Rahm have turned out to be Chicago politicians at their most dreadful and conniving. And let's not even get into DADT. (At least we have Choi and Company to do....something!)

Bruce said...

"In the eight years that our former President destroyed our nation never once did he receive the amount of public disrespect our current president puts up with. Yes, we thought Bush was an idiot, we knew very well he couldn't string a sentence together and he lied our way into a never-ending war but during this time never did any congressman stand up and scream "you lie!""

When are you running for office because I'd fucking move to New York to vote for you. BRILLIANT

Aegletes said...

Get out of my head, Eric. :-) I'm increasingly despondent over the state of affairs in this country. Ours is a nation that embraces ignorance, tribalism, and egoism. I've lived here most of my life but, at the risk of thinking that life is greener somewhere else, am having a harder and harder time picturing being contented in a society so craven and backward.

Joey said...

And African-Americans are beating up gays (and Mexicans) from Atlanta to Staten Island and the gay "activists" hide under the table from it.

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