Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Let my people moan!
One of my closest brahs, Wayne Hoffman, works for Tablet Magazine which promises a "new read on Jewish life." Think of Tablet as a more New York Timesy version of Heeb Magazine. Tablet is perfect for us bubble-living, culturally-identifying secular Jews who didn't go to temple as much as we went to summer camp, wear Stars of David, Hamsas and frequently dine at the Hummus Place, but it's a worthwhile read for non-Jews as well. Check it out.

Recently Wayne picked up the story of Michael Lucas' new porn entitled Men of Israel which is the first gay porn in history to feature an all Israeli cast. But as Wayne points out, it's a bigger historic moment than that because not only is this an all Israeli cast- it's an all Jewish cast. Oh.muy.GAWD! Are you dying?! I'm dying!!

Lucas admits to having two agendas here:
One: Hot gay men, porn.
Two: Striving to put Israel back on the map as a sexy tourist destination for both gay and straight travelers alike. Well, ok, mostly gay.

I wonder if there will be a character like Moses although instead of splitting the seas, he splits a, errr, nevermind...

Just read:
This week, Michael Lucas is making what he calls “a bold move to promote Israeli culture and tourism.” His website extols the virtues of a country rich with natural wonders, intriguing museums, liberal politics, and friendly locals. More than a biblical theme park, Lucas’s Israel is a tourist destination, a place where lovely beaches beckon and muscle-bound men have sex with each other.

Lucas—a porn actor and director, and founder of the New York-based gay porn production company Lucas Entertainment—sees his new film Men of Israel as a tool, if you will, to promote tourism, at least among gay men. Before you laugh this off, know that it’s happened before, when the Bel Ami studio’s movies helped turn Prague into a major gay destination soon after the Iron Curtain fell, or when porn director Kristen Bjorn’s Australian trilogy put Sydney on the gay map nearly 20 years ago. The Russian-born Lucas has been ratcheting up the heat for weeks in anticipation of the film’s release tomorrow. His website——features still photos of the actors and excerpted video clips, as well as text explaining the performers’ biographies and Lucas’s Zionist motivations for making the film.


Asaf said...

We saw two of them while in Israel, lets say that the look better on Camera, still pretty sexy
But one must ask himself, what will be with them? Israel is a small conservative country, unless they move to the US, they are stuck with a short career in porn which resulted in looks from people that would never die.

Eric said...

Aegletes said...

Mmmm, a nice porn flic featuring hot IDF soldiers in (and out of) uniform. Tastefully done, of course. I can see a whole cottage industry of Israeli gay porn. I'll buy.

Marker said...

Great post. I'm totally dying.

Full agreement with Aegletes. I'll buy as well.

Boomer said...

I read this last week and thought the guys were hot...I re-read it today and caught the "Let my people moan." I was in hysterics...nice post.

David said...

Wanna go in on a DVD? We can swap it weekly.

David said...

Oh, and from the preview I saw, there is quite a bit of splitting of the "a errr, nevermind"